Mornbryns Tomb

Fire giant note:

Scouring the evermoors for the pieces going to be of the utmost importance. We know it's colder and wetter than many of the other areas to cover, but don't think you have it that tough. Remember that some unlucky fucks are on the Reghed Glacier, having to deal with the cold and snow and fucking frosties. I'm sure the local orcs could be of use. Regardless, join up with Gundahella once you've cleared your sectors. She'll finish up the Nesmé meeting sometime in that time frame, and will have further instructions. 

Hail Zalto.


Rod of Vonindod will seek adamantite thingies in 20 mile proximity. Stronger when closer. In this case north towards the Tomb.


"After some time, the pull of the rod steadily becoming more insistent, you spot something quite out of the ordinary. From the light mists that have surrounded you for most of the day, in stark contrast to the otherwise bleak and soggy, filled with colors of brown, grey and dark green, an grand oak tree comes into view. Its leaves are a bright green, and rustling briskly as if pushed by some wind that seems absent everywhere else. The rod pulls itself even more insistently towards it."


"Are we just? Are we good? Is the intent of an action paramount to it's moral value?"



"The bark of the tree suddenly seems fluid and moving. You can hear and sense a groan, as if something is shifting deep within the tree. After a few brief moments, the bark seems to part and split right in front of you, exposing the brighter wood underneath. The whole tree in fact seems to fold back on itself. Before you've had any time to react properly, the entire tree has reshaped itself into a large, smooth wooden box with a slab on top."


Adamantine plate

Two +1 shortswords. Curved blades, one shiny silver in color, other matte black.

Various trinkets:

A leather necklace with teeth.

A pair of spectacles.

A charcoal portrait of a female orc.




"Although after all was said and done there was not much left of Mornbryn's physical form, we decided to make the Evermoors, his eternal source of both happiness and grief, the resting place of his most valued possessions. We hope our charms hold up, and that should anyone find this place it will be someone with good in their hearts."




Mornbryns Tomb

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