Moor encounter:

12 orcs with halfling prisoners on tow. Can rescue and bring back to homestead.


Outside moors:

8 Tribal warriors, 3 berserkers camped. (night?)


Old Tower ?



- Freelancers, mercs. Tasked by the city of waterdeep with investigating an attack and fending off future ones. 500 gold per person

- An attack did indeed happen, after which you escorted a man to the Bargewright inn further north, near the town of womford.

- The proprietor, Nalaskur Thaelond, asked to escort a shipment of ale to mornbryn's shield, to which armed men had been sent to protect.

- You chased off the men and slew their leader, heading into the moors looking for the tomb of mornbryn. After a few unsuccessful attempts you found a fire giant, and her strange compass-esque rod.

-Letter on her person led you to a meeting in the burnt down ruins of Nesmé, revealing an alliance between the black network and the fire giants, led by someone named Zalto.

-Found way to the tomb deep in the evermoors, and kept going south saving a halfling family on the way. Tamalin Zoar of Calling Horns gave you a letter of recommendation for this.

- Followed the directions of an enchanted ring, which brought you to an old tower occupied by a hill giant down on her luck. You proceeded to execute said hill giant.


A hill giant comes running from the darkness. Terrified. Tries to climb into the tower. Another, bigger figure appears. Cleaves the hill giant. Laugs manically.

Harshnag. Frost giant. Wears Plate armor. Menacing looking greataxe and dragon skull helmet.

Information dumps incoming:

-Left frost giant society as a young giant. Finds it too brutish.

- Not keen on past. (History check).

-Ordning where storm giants kept lesser giants in check.

- Annam has broken the ordning, giant lords jostling for position.

- Has been wandering lands, killing giants. (nevne at grudd haug er i nærheten?)

- Why did Annam break the ordning?

- Ancient temple, built by our forefathers under The Spine Of The World. Eye of the All-Father. Supposedly contains an oracle.

-Harshnag can lead players to this temple.

- Is sick, needs help from a hermit in the high forest.


High forest Sage



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